Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Have you ever had a dream to start your own business but didn’t know how? Have you never had the support from your significant other to make your dream come true?

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

That was me, but not anymore. Today my dream became a reality. I have to give all of the thanks in the world to one person, my fiancee, Tara. Together we have made both of our dreams a reality. We have started our own business, DotDotSmile Tara & Delia. We are selling beautiful, twirly dresses for little girls.

The real struggle began nearly a year ago when we moved into our own house together, in a new city for both of us. I spent months looking for a job and was having no luck. With circumstances causing finances to become tighter, we had to do something.

Tara signed up to become a merchandiser with DotDotSmile, but there was a waitlist. After waiting and not really sure if that’s the road we wanted to take our journey on, the email came in – no more waitlist.

We talked it over and quickly made up somewhat of a business plan. We were all in! We really had nothing to lose. Either we prosper or worse case, we break even and head back to the drawing board.

Fast forward to just over a week later. During a busy first week of business, we sold 24 dresses! We have ordered more inventory and have set ourselves a weekly goal.

Not too fond of the corporate world, working from home has long been a dream of mine. Not feeling locked into the idea of a typical corporate world schedule is a dream come true. Working our butts off to make that money and having the luxury of time to do other things like little family getaways sounds perfect!

Stay tuned to more about the future of DotDotSmile Tara & Delia and watch us show you how Teamwork Makes the Dream Work.

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